Monday, March 21, 2011

Week 11 - a couple days late

Quick post update, more for the principle of the thing.

Baby beanie? check!
afghan square? afraid not.

So, once more with mixed feelings. I'm not sure what it is about march that's made me less. It could be the crappy weather, making me lethargic, it could be the multiple events at work that tire me out, or it could just be the fact that I've been wanting to do other crafts. ...maybe all 3. Still, I'm sticking with the baby beanies, so I'm glad of that.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Week 10 and a bit of disappointment

Hellohello! Here we are at the end of week 10, and I post with mixed feelings of achievement. I did finish my required beanie, but I did not finish optional afghan square. Perhaps later in the year I will make up for it, perhaps not. Life often surprises us. However, I did finish the beanie, so I am pleased that I haven't been knocked completely off course.

Better luck for me next week!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

week 9 - MARCHing right along!

Alright, Hello!

This week is a success as well! Finished my quota and I'm currently updating while working on this coming week's hat. I almost didn't finish the afghan square simply because I forgot about it until the last minute!

I spent last night rounding up a stash of random yarn that was scattered across the apartment. I found the rest of my awful 29cent yarn that I dislike working wtih, but that I can use toward the cause. I've got a nice big bagful so I'm not letting myself buy any more yarn until it's all used up. ..let's hope I can keep that resolution! I've used up 2 of my skeins so far, but because I keep alternating using the others, they've been lasting longer and hanging around, and that's why my apartment is messy~

See you all next week!