Sunday, March 6, 2011

week 9 - MARCHing right along!

Alright, Hello!

This week is a success as well! Finished my quota and I'm currently updating while working on this coming week's hat. I almost didn't finish the afghan square simply because I forgot about it until the last minute!

I spent last night rounding up a stash of random yarn that was scattered across the apartment. I found the rest of my awful 29cent yarn that I dislike working wtih, but that I can use toward the cause. I've got a nice big bagful so I'm not letting myself buy any more yarn until it's all used up. ..let's hope I can keep that resolution! I've used up 2 of my skeins so far, but because I keep alternating using the others, they've been lasting longer and hanging around, and that's why my apartment is messy~

See you all next week!

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