Sunday, February 27, 2011

Week 8 - all done!

Hellohello!  I'm a bit late posting, which is funny because I actually was finished a few days early this week!  Well I got a bit caught up watching Megamind with my boyfriend tonight and forgot about posting.  It's such a funny movie!

Well here's this month's lot!

I didn't show the doubles this month, so there are actually 2 green squares, two blue squares and 2 blue hats, a total of 4 & 4!

a close up of the ribbed hat in pink, I really like how this one works up.  I did it a couple times last month too, but this time I felt fun and decided to add some pompoms!

here's a close-up of the pompom, it was pretty easy to make and I think it really adds to the cute!

Has anyone tried the new patterns I posted last week?  I did, they turned out kinda cute, but I did it as a present so I'm not counting it as part of the challenge.

TWO MONTHS DOWN! only 10 more to go! it's awesome...

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