Saturday, February 19, 2011

Week 7, all done!

It's the end of week 7, and I'm pretty proud to still be on top of everything.  V-day has come and gone, with nothing too special happening since both my boyfriend and I were working.  Also, this week's beanie AND square are complete.  Go me. 

Today I've decided to share a couple cute beanie patterns, one crochet and one knit.  These patterns seem easy and they sure do look cute!

Baby's Apple Beanie:

This cute beanie can be worked for numerous fruits.  I used to have a strawberry and a grape beanie as a kid, I loved them!  Show me the ones you make!

Square Knit Beanie:

An adorable fun beanie that's good for those who like to knit on two needles and aren't quite sure about how to decrease their stitches.  This pattern is a simple square, sewn up two sides.

Try these out!  They look like fun!  See you all at the end of Week 8!

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