Saturday, February 12, 2011

Week 6, still going strong!

Hello everyone!  It's the end of week 6 and I'm posting just under the wire (again).  This week was full of many things.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading, which also gave me something to do while my boyfriend played his video games.  I ran a couple events at work, started my new position, and promised to bake cupcakes for the V-day potluck.  I used my slow cooker, had awful bouts of insomnia and made some doctor's appointments.  I also had some naps, both delightful and unsatisfying.

My challenge week finished smoothly, with a knit cap in blue, a twin to last weeks', complete, and my 3rd square in bright green almost finished.  I'm going to have a lot of identical squares, but I really want this yarn gone.  Plus, I've been getting good mileage from my yarns.

Today after work I discovered that the 14" Susan Bates metal knitting needles were on clearance for only $2.99 each!  That better than my discount so I snapped up 3 pairs on the spot!  Honestly, I dislike the long needles, they get in my way and always seem to whack my elbows, but for baby blankets and wide shawls, they're easier in the long run that the shorter ones I use constantly.  Plus, as we know, I hate working in the round, so long needles it is!

On we go to week 7, best of luck with the knitting/crocheting and and early Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

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